Life Can Be So Daily

Our oldest daughter, Brittany (23 at this writing), moved back in a little while ago.

And we like it.

I was in her room recently and found myself completely engrossed in nostalgia. You see, completely covering one whole wall is a picture collage of family and friends – hundreds of them! It’s quite a sight to see. There are pictures from 14 years in a row of family vacations to the beautiful Canaan Valley, WV, OBX trips, Thanksgiving gatherings, Christmas, Super Bowl parties, and numerous other occasions, as well as impromptu moments. There are pics of all of us, of her and her sister, Madi, her brother, Mitchell, of mom and Britt, of my brother, sister and parents, Amy’s family and of course, Britt’s boyfriend. Oh, and there’s our dog, Seneca, and even Blitz the cat. Everyone is accounted for.

You might wonder why I write this.  You see, family is very important to us, as I suspect it is to you. And it’s very important to Brittany as well – as evidenced by the wall of photos. While I was perusing the photos, which we all do – often – it occurred to me how much we’ve done together, how much joy and fun we’ve shared, and how blessed we are. We’ve had the same struggles as anyone else – finances, health, relationships, etc…but the wall of photos tunes all that out. Some of the challenging times were in play during the times the pics were taken, but you’d never know. Well, I have few regrets when I look on that wall. 

Sometimes life is so “daily.”  Take time to review the snapshots of the good times in your life – it helps with perspective, and I bet you have lots more than you realize. 

Thank you, Britt, for loving family so much.

In fact, it’s a major reason she moved back.