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IntegrityWorks Coaching is an integrity-driven coaching and training company centered on building better leaders, teams and workplaces. Specific services are targeted toward one on one leadership, sales and accountability coaching, soft-skills leadership and staff training, professional keynote speaking and outsourced sales management.


Transformational Coaching impacts life. From a business executive looking to balance career strains with family to a sales professional looking to increase sales, Transformational coaching focuses on your goals to transform to the person who accomplishes them.


IntegrityWorks Coaching provides Corporate Training programs that have an impact on your team. Changing paradigms, adjusting perceptions and increasing skills all have a direct impact on your companies bottom line.


IntegrityWorks Coaching and Mike Greene provide a fun, dynamic speaking that provides fun with a point. His dynamic style keeps people engaged and smiling as his message of transformation comes through.


Individual Coaching

The transformation happens when we realize our goals and engage ourselves to changing until we meet them. There is no magic formula, but IntegrityWorks Coaching empowers people past their blind spots to accomplish their goals.


 Corporate Training

IntegrityWorks Coaching offers a wide variety of Corporate Training programs that will inspire and empower your team to accomplish more, while equipping them to become better at what they do.

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Public Speaking

From Keynote Presentations for large gatherings or Specialized Speaking for smaller events, IntegrityWorks coaching and Mike Greene offer enjoyable presentations mixed with training that will leave your audience engaged.


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