The Blue Vase

I hope you know the story, but if not…

Cappy Ricks owns an old lumber company and is vetting his latest recruit, Bill Peck. This new employee, Peck, exceeds expectations and gains the attention of his mentor and leader, Cappy Ricks. With this, he is given an opportunity to prove himself, though he is unaware this is a test as he goes about the task given to him. This is a seemingly simple and personal task for Cappy Ricks. Go and purchase a blue vase for his mentor’s upcoming wedding. Simple – not really, as details are left out, and answers are unavailable due to Cappy’s strange disappearance. Peck is on his own and must show dogged determination, tenacity and passion for hunting down this blue vase.   Through numerous and crazy obstacles and challenges, he finds the blue vase – a task that most everyone would fall short in completing. 

One of my first and favorite books on self-growth, this story shares a similar theme as does the classic, A Message to Garcia by Elbert Hubbard. Once again – purpose, honor and loyalty drive the delivery of this message to the absurdly hard to find Garcia. But the Blue Vase mentality shines through with the little-known officer (Rowen) who delivers the message – against all odds.

I love these stories and the lessons they drive home!

The message in each must be taught to today’s generation. If only more people really grasped the value of these timeless attributes of leadership and success - determination, tenacity, drive, focus, LOYALTY!

What is your blue vase?