P.E.P. in Your Step

Several years ago, while trying to psych up our son for a tennis match, we came up with an acronym to cover all the bases of excellence on the court. Lots of bases to cover, but these three hit enough, that if he owned them, he'd win. And real winning isn't just in the score. Nor does it only apply to tennis.

So we came up with this:


Passion - Strive to play with passion on the court. What is your perspective when you are on the court? Are you pursuing every action with passion? Show me a man or woman with passion in life - with direction (purpose – the third part of the acronym) and I'll show you a winner. Get some life in your actions; infuse energy in your day. So on that court, whatever court it is - show up! Passion.

Effort - Strive to "leave it all on the court.”  A friend shared this with me at the softball field many years ago. He is a very competitive guy, and I was a little nervous going into this game as a part of his team. And yet, he did not say that we needed to catch everything, hit everything, etc. What he said was, win or lose, make every effort. Effort was his method of grading. And you know what? I can't control outcomes, but I can control effort. So when you walk off that court, did you give it all you had? Effort.

Purpose - Why are you out there in the first place? What constitutes success in this endeavor? Define it and chase it. Give me a player with purpose over one without it and, regardless of the outcome, the purposeful player will put on the better show. And, all things relatively equal, they'll usually win.  Purpose.

When Mitchell plays now, we simply tell him to play with PEP!

Tennis isn't the only court. What about your job, your family, your church, your workout? Fill in the blank - because if it's worth your time in doing it, it's worth doing it with PEP!