Loyalty Alaskan Style

Our daughter, Madi, loves anything scary, terrifying and potentially dangerous. To a point.  Recently, my wife and I, along with Madi and her boyfriend were reminiscing about scary things that have happened to us. Madi asked my wife to re-share one such situation.

I was away at a rare evening business meeting, and my wife and the kids were going through the bedtime routine at our house. This was when the kids were little, and they still appreciated these things. They’re 20, 25 and 28 (and married) and don’t seem to want to be tucked in anymore. Oh well, next generation up!

Anyway, I was supposed to be home soon. While reading to the kids, they all heard a noise downstairs – clearly sounding like the kitchen door opening - the one I would typically use.  After a pause, and expecting to hear me coming up the steps, the silence made my wife curious. She called for me from the top of the stairs. Waited. No response. She called again, not really concerned because they were convinced they heard me come in. No response. She kind of decided it was nothing and went back to the kids. Then they all heard what they thought were pots and pans -things moving in the kitchen as if I was there. Amy went to the stairs and called again. Nothing. This was now officially scary! She didn’t know what to do other than send the kids to their rooms. Doors closed. She was so scared, so she called her twin sister in Alaska. They’re very close and that’s all she could think to do. Beth listened and then promptly apologized and said, “I have to go, I’ll call you back”.

Amy couldn’t believe her sister would end the call when she clearly needed her, but she waited. Shortly after, the police showed up.  They checked the entire house – inside and out – and found nothing. They completely understood Amy’s fear and validated the need for the police. Then the officer finished by saying, “Calling us was the right thing to do; but we’ll get here faster if the call doesn’t come from Alaska!”

We never identified what they heard that night. But we do know one thing. Beth doesn’t mess around when it comes to her sister and family! Loyalty rules the relationship.

Loyalty is one of the characteristics my long-time friend and mentor constantly touted.

I understand why.