Don’t Wait For All the Lights to Turn Green

From our home to the highway on-ramp there are approximately 12 traffic lights.  If I waited for all those lights to turn green before trekking out on a journey, how long would it be before I left my home?  Would I ever leave? Not likely.

Yet, isn’t that how many of us think when facing a major decision, a major change, doing something we fear, or something we want to avoid.  Perhaps it’s a challenging client call, sales opportunity, or perhaps a difficult call to a loved one.  Maybe it’s the new exercise plan we read about a few months back but haven’t started, or maybe a habit we need to kick (like not exercising).  Maybe you need to call that client about their poor payment history.  Or you need to call that tenured employee into your office and finally hold them accountable for their poor attitude and its effect on the team.

Fact is, most of our life is a revolving door of these situations – and learning to address them in a timely, appropriate and effective manner is a representation of our maturity and growth.    It‘s our willingness to move and adjust as we learn that makes us who we are.  Whether all the lights are green or not, we go; adjust to each light as we encounter it, and continue on – growing and learning in the process. 

Remember that procrastination is the assassination of motivation. Just go! And remember what Les Brown says, “Leap and the net will appear.”