Success is a Balance

J Paul Getty was, by most people’s standards, super financially successful; but relationally –well, married beyond 5 times by most people’s standards is not success.  Balance is the issue.  As we progress in our profession, how much balance do we have in our marriage, our family, and our relationships?  What about spiritual development and physical health?  I learned (and continue re-learning) that success is a balance – of those four key pillars: spiritual, financial, physical, and relational.  By my standard, I am not a success if I achieve remarkable financial gain at the expense of my family, my health, or my soul.   And I don’t believe one takes from the other – we can have financial success while building a loving family, lasting friendships, good health, and spiritual growth.  Consider also that balance offers security – when one pillar falls, three others hold us up.  Today’s economic change and uncertainty has resulted in difficult financial setbacks for countless people – how much better off are those who have their faith and family to support and lead them back on track?  Take the necessary time and energy to identify and apply value filters that will eliminate growth in one area at the expense of another – thereby always growing in BALANCE.