Leverage Through Systems

What one word comes to mind when I say “system”?  The word that comes to my mind is “leverage”.  An effective system provides leverage, allowing greater results with less effort over time.  How easy is it to drive to work each morning?  How stressed are you in the journey, wondering where to turn, thinking through how to most effectively arrive on time, and how to navigate the various traffic signals along the way?  I suspect very little.  You don’t have to re-think it each time; you just go.  That is how it can be when we develop a system.  Specifically, in terms of selling, what is your system?  What system does your company endorse?  This is not to take away from originality, and in fact, it can provide greater freedom for it.  If you limit the thinking necessary to do what has already been leveraged, you open yourself up to be more creative within the process.   An effective sales system should leverage your energy, resources and money – allowing you to accomplish more with less, while providing a proven pathway for others to follow. So go on – create the steps; create the tools and templates for each step; build any key scripts; then define specific skills, processes and objectives for each step and ultimately to use in effectively moving through the system.  Execute, evaluate and adjust.