Nothing Works!

In-between Success Magazine CDs, Andy Stanley POD casts and other helpful learning material, I listen to sports talk radio while I’m driving. In sports talk radio, they are constantly promoting the workout program, P90X.  Well, I’m here to tell you flat out that P90X doesn’t work (keep reading). 

I can hear Charlie “Tremendous” Jones in his booming voice saying, “Nothing works!”   He always had a way of getting our attention by starting his point backwards; though, anyone who knew him just waited for him to bring the point around.   And he always did.  Nothing works. Our sales plan, it doesn’t work.  Our business plan, it doesn’t work.  Our marriage, it doesn’t work.  Having a written sales plan, business plan or even a marriage certificate doesn’t necessarily produce anything (positive) in itself.  The bottom line is that we make these things work.  We write a good sales plan, but then must work it with the right level of quality, attitude and consistency. We write a solid business plan, but then we make it work by proper and consistent administration, delegation and testing and measuring for effectiveness and adjustments. Our marriage doesn’t work; we work it by learning what’s important to our spouse and unconditionally providing it to them, always pursuing, compromising and showing love and respect for them every day.  That works because we work.

 I’ve been playing that little P90X DVDs series daily for 10 weeks, and I can say that it does work – only because it has a committed and willing participant!