How do I Remember Key Things?

While sitting on a dock, Donna and Jeff took notes on Washington and set goals for PRE. 

 Some of my best thinking happens when I am running or showering or just driving in my car – none of which offer great note-taking opportunities!  Isn’t that just the case for so many of us?  Our best thoughts occur when a pen and paper are not available.   A case in point is the statement I started with - While sitting on a dock, Donna and Jeff took notes on Washington and set goals for PRE. Five key things occurred to me on this run, and I memorized a sentence in order to remember each of them.  No sense losing the mental value of a physical exercise!

 1.      Call Donna – to get a name that may be very helpful in my daughter getting a “perfect-fit” job

2.     Call Jeff – to see if he did what I asked him to do

3.     Washington – bring up with Amy, my wife, about planning a trip to DC

4.     Goals for PRE – send an email about scheduling time for me to present on goal setting as it relates to our PRE chapters

5.     Dock – build a dock at the pond by our home

 I completed 1, 2 and 4 within 30 minutes of finishing my run. In fact, #1 may turn out to be a terrific opportunity – thank you, Donna! The Washington trip got rained out that weekend, but is now back on our family radar screen.  The dock is now on the summer project list.  Yea, I know, me building a dock, building anything – not a pretty sight!

 The point is what good ideas do you create when your mind is free to think, undistracted and uniquely focused?  How do you memorize and follow through on those ideas?  The sentence above doesn’t mean anything to you, but to me, five important actions occurred because I was free to think of them and found a way to follow through. 

 Find ways to make the most of your best ideas!