Wheel Of Fortune

Everyone sells.

Doesn’t matter what your profession is. You sell ideas, passionate thoughts, beliefs, and values. You sell these to your friends, co-workers, family and even sometimes strangers. 

But some of you sell professionally. Your income depends directly on your sales ability, execution, and follow through.

And then there are the hunters. You are responsible for generating your own leads. I’ve interviewed salespeople who have said, “Once I get the appointment, I'll make the sale.” You and every other salesperson. Getting that appointment is the most difficult part, especially if you have no other way in.

The challenge is daunting…think about it. Even with those we know well, keeping their focus and attention is often difficult.  Imagine trying to get someone’s attention who doesn’t know us at all, yet knows our title - salesperson.

That’s the challenge of a hunter.

Imagine the famous “Wheel of Fortune” spinning fast and furious.  That’s your prospect’s attention. Or maybe your potential “date” – isn’t that a form of prospecting? And your job is to find a way to stop the wheel, if only for a moment.  At that point, you have their attention and significantly improve your possibility of a good conversation to determine future value. That’s the crux of the sales process – the Wheel of Fortune.

My greatest sale ever is in the other room. 28 years and counting. We met on a blind date – totally avoided the Wheel of Fortune.  No prospecting necessary. Whew! Never would have gotten her attention as a pure hunter.  Wow. That sounded creepy.

There you have it; the best way to overcome the Wheel of Fortune.

A referral. Or in my case, a blind date.

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