He Will Take Another Step

(Contributed by Mitch Greene) 

If you were to define the absolute best part of your character in one sentence, how would it go?

At the beginning of the summer, I posed this question to Al, the head cook at my job. I love open-ended questions like this one, and he was used to being on the receiving end of my games, so it was just another normal day of conversation for us. After about three hours of discussion on this topic, we eventually came up with this sentence for him:

“Though my feet may tire, I will take another step.”

The reasoning was simple. Al works way too much, and he is getting older. Literally, his feet get too tired, and he has to sit down to rest them before he can keep going. He just wishes that he didn’t need that rest. He wanted to be able to push through the pain so that he may accomplish his goals. The sentence was meant to be funny and literal.

This one little sentence seemed like nothing at the time, but a few weeks later the hardest week of the year was here, and things were crazy. We went from the crack of dawn until midnight, running around trying to make things happen. On one of our insanely hard and long days, Al walked past his chair, looked at it and stopped. After staring at it for a little too long with a longing look, he turned to me and yelled at the top of his lungs… “THOUGH MY FEET MAY TIRE, I WILL TAKE ANOTHER STEP!”

I heard him repeat that sentence easily over one hundred times since that moment. What I haven’t seen is … my brother Al giving in.

I believe that creating a statement that describes the best part of a person helps them become just that, the best that they can be. He chose that sentence, and he truly lived it out to the best of his ability.

Take the time to put the best part of your character into a sentence and live it out. Choose the wording and what it means to you. Let it drive you to be you, the you that you choose to be! To start you off and give you an example, here’s mine:

“It’s always just another day in paradise.”