10-Speed Time Management

Okay, maybe I’m a little dated using a 10-speed bike reference…I think that’s more 1970s, but give me this one. The metaphor works regardless!

Imagine getting on your 10-speed bike for a long bike ride. You start out in a low gear in order to gain momentum, then begin shifting through the gears as you gain speed, eventually reaching 10th gear at a strong clip. Of course you’ll adjust accordingly if you have hills; but if your ride is smooth, straight and relatively flat, you can remain in the higher gears most of the ride.

And if you do, you’ll be far more efficient with your time and energy. You’ll get more covered in less time, and likely enjoy the ride better as well.

Now, imagine there are hills, steep ones, and you’re in town, meaning lots of lights, cars, people and things that get in the way! You’re likely never in 10th gear, and if you are, it’s not for long. You’re likely starting, stopping, slowing and speeding up all the time, shifting constantly from low to mid, to low, and so on. And you’re exhausted, and you didn’t get very far.

That’s how life seems to be for so many of us today. Check your experience on the job or at home. How much uninterrupted time do you really have? And interruptions are not limited to outside influences.  We can choose to be our own interrupter at times, too. Either way, these distractions – people, smart phones, email, social media, TV, on and on – they show up with frightening consistency. They keep us in low gears, rarely allowing us to get to the most productive gear in life: 10th gear. That’s what we need, not always, but more often than not. And definitely for the big rocks in our life.

Certainly, some distractions cannot be helped. Really though…most can.

So let’s make that happen. Pick a course that’s most suitable to getting and staying in 10th gear when it comes to those key parts of your life – that important project, a child’s attention, time with your spouse, prayer, fitness – all the big rocks.

Happy riding!