The Best Choice

What’s your attitude on a sales call?  What expectation do you have? Are you anxious, in a negative way? Do you walk in with confidence or concern, wondering what to say, how to act, how to close? Are you afraid or timid about being assertive in leading the sales process? Do you really believe that you are the prospect’s absolute best choice for the solution identified?

I believe this is the key, the mindset every good sales person needs to have.  YOU are their best choice. And if YOU are really their best choice, and YOU really care about the prospect and their challenge, then it is YOUR responsibility to lead the process.  You owe it to them, to their investment in you so far, not to let the value you offer slide away because they are having a hard time making decision.  When that closing moment occurs, how strong are you? How timid are you? Do you accept the delayed decision?  By the way a delay is a “no” until further notice.  And, please don’t confuse assertive with aggressive. If they say no, or not now, or something not resulting in a “yes”, and you lead them appropriately, yet they still waiver, it’s time to back off. The right decision cannot be forced, just led, with mutual respect, mutual purpose, compelling timing and agreed upon action.

Bottom line, in sales, and I believe all sales is just a form of highly effective communication, know your prospect, know their need, know your value proposition as it relates to their need, and offer your solution with confidence and expectancy.  If you’ve done your homework and established proper rapport, you’ve earned the respect and right to lead.

Finally, if you are wondering if it’s arrogant to assume YOU are their best choice (all things being equal or greater in terms of the product/service and company you represent), it’s only arrogance if you really are not their best choice. Confusing? Simplify it – by BEING the best choice.  Then it’s not a question anymore. 

As Zig Ziglar says, “You’ve got to be before you can do and do before you can have.” Be the right choice, then do the right things and you’ll eventually have the results you (and the future client) want.