So, you had a great first meeting with a potential prospect – Big Whoop! Did you leave with your next meeting already scheduled? Be wary if you didn’t…

 BAM! Here is a proven strategy for increased sales and ultimately, and most importantly, increased service – BAM means to “book a meeting (from a meeting)”. Another phrase I use to bring this point home is “close the door”! – meaning if you do not schedule a follow through/second meeting while at the first meeting, you are less likely to have a second meeting. Thus, when you leave, the “door of opportunity” is left open and can easily escape.  If you maintain control – confidently and appropriately, by scheduling a follow through meeting from the first meeting - the “door of opportunity” is closed and the opportunity will not easily escape.  Remember - it takes effort to cancel a meeting, but no effort to not schedule a meeting

 One mistake I still make at times is not scheduling that follow up meeting at the previous meeting, thinking that they are so excited that it will be easy to call or email and set the next meeting - only to find the fire immediately begins to let up once I leave.  Consequently, “life” distracts my prospect from the benefit we once mutually raved about.  Imagine blowing up a balloon and not tying it – the air (opportunity, value, benefit, excitement) flows out immediately.  Make sense?

 Also remember - if you serve your prospect appropriately by diligently and sincerely learning about them, their role, challenges, opportunities, etc., and find a pathway to serve them (with mutual agreement), you are now the expert or consultant and you owe it to your future client to guide the process

 Keep in mind that this is a skill – its application is not always appropriate, but likely applies within the 80/20 rule – a great habit to apply at least 80% of the time.

Trust that you’ll know the difference

 Now, go sell something!