7 Disciplines For Success – Personal And Professional

1.    Daily goal setting – three to five minutes each day writing out sentences that represent your top ten goals in a positive, personal, and present tense.

2.    Daily planning and organizing - plan out each activity for the next day – think each through on paper.

3.    Daily priority setting - establish purposeful and strategic priorities for each activity to ensure the proper use of your time (if you do “this”, you cannot do “that” – be sure “this” leads you closest to your dream/goal).

4.    Single minded focus on top priorities - one focused hour is greater leverage than two splintered hours on the same activity.

5.    Daily exercise and proper nutrition - gain more energy and productivity for the same or lesser amount of time.

6.    Daily learning and growth –your success is in direct proportion to your level of personal growth.

7.    Daily setting time aside for the most important people in your life.  Relationships are everything.

** Enlist the help of an accountability partner to ensure success or take it a step further and find/hire a coach/mentor for objective direction, guidance, clarity and accountability.