Prescription Before Diagnosis Is Malpractice

Recently I heard someone say that sales people often show up and throw up!  Not a good impression, for sure!  These salespeople are guilty of offering solutions to problems they don’t know exist - they’re telling, not selling. The good news is that if you are not that person, you’re competition might be – which makes your job a lot easier! Keep in mind, this isn’t just a sales thing; if what you do involves any form of persuasive communication, asking good questions is critical to your success – and theirs.  Challenge yourself in your next meeting to get the other person talking twice as much as you do.  This can be difficult with certain personalities, but if you strive for it, you’ll learn the best way to get the other person talking is to keep asking (worthy) questions. 


Questions also help you maintain control.  Think about it – if someone asks you a question, protocol says you answer, and then they ask, you answer, and so on. The way to take that control back is to answer their question with a question.  They ask a question, you answer and ask one back, and now you’re back in control!


Questions make you (seem) smarter.  Questions show you’re interested.  Questions demonstrate your professionalism. Questions guide conversation.  Questions lead to meaningful discussion. Questions take patience.  Questions fuel curiosity.  Questions show you care.  Questions are the answers!