Asleep Or Awake

My wife and I were recently having a discussion about people and moodiness. She reminded me that in the beginning of our relationship nearly 30 years ago I told her that I can't stand moodiness.  Thankfully, I must have said it in an appropriate manner and more important, Amy has never been a moody person. 

As we talked about our past and current disdain for moodiness, we landed on a common excuse for it — being tired.  It's fair to say that often people whose demeanor seems to scream "Take notice: I'm in a bad mood right now!" are often just tired. Being tired is a poor excuse for a lousy mood.   Very little is.

My friend shared a great statement years ago that has always stuck with me, and came right to mind in this conversation:

 "If you're supposed to be awake, be awake; if you're supposed to be asleep, be asleep. Don't confuse the two."

I love that statement!

He shared it with me when we were driving home late one night, or actually, early one morning. He was singing some old country song, and as always he was full of energy and enthusiasm.  I asked how he does it and that's when the statement of wisdom was shared. And it stuck.

I really believe there is great insight in his words. Yes — we all have times when we're tired beyond the norm or when some unforeseen tragedy occurs and we go through depressions of mood — understandable. I'm talking about the other 99% of the time.  When we're just in a bad mood because of a variety of excuses, the most common of which is tiredness.

Wake up! If energy is low and fatigue is high, change! Be awake. Be energized. Be present.  Or maybe take a nap.  And then…  

Be awake or asleep; don't confuse the two.