There's Still Hope!

I was a slob.

Yep. Right out of college, fresh in my new corporate sales position with a Fortune 500 company.  A slob.

Case in point…

My apartment windows. Not the windows so much, but my form of window dressings. I had no shade and no curtain; yet, I liked my room dark for sleeping.  Still do. So in my windows I had carefully stacked a bunch of mismatched suitcases, in just a way as to fill the window space and thus, block most of the light.  Whamo! My suitcases were my window dressing - at no additional cost, I might add. And I kind of didn't know any better; it was all about my form of practicality. Or perhaps horrible interior design. Or just plain laziness. Bottom line: no decorating skills, didn't care and was lazy = slob.

Well, I'm glad to say I've graduated from two of those three. No - still not much for interior design.

It occurred to me the other day when my wife and I were once again frustrated with our kid's room - one in particular - and how messy it always is.  Perhaps there's hope. After all, I was there once.  And clearly graduated. 

So there's hope.

When it comes to those standards my wife and I have for ourselves - like our tolerance for laziness - perhaps there's still hope.

There's hope that laziness will someday, as with me, be replaced with focus, integrity and purpose.  Most of the time.

Ultimately, we're pretty pleased with the "masterpiece" we see as our kids. It just takes stepping back sometimes to really see it fully, rather than seeing small parts of it up close. Any masterpiece in life is distorted from its real beauty if looked upon too closely, without perspective. And in the case of our kids, this one is ever evolving. And thank you for hope. That room may never be clean in our house, but someday it will, I pray, in her new home. 

Because, as with me and my suitcase window dressing, there's still hope.

Mike Greene