The Getaway

“I just need to get away”.  That would help my situation…yeah, just get away for a while.

I heard this recently and began wondering if, in this case, it would make any difference.

The thinking is that getting away really means getting away from their problems. It’s a way of temporarily leaving the things that are clearly leading to their distress.

But is it?

I deeply believe that this person’s getaway would do nothing to improve their disposition.

Why? Because the person who said it is very likely the source of the distress; at least the perception of their life’s circumstances is the source. And if that’s the case, regardless of where they go, the source goes too!

The real getaway in this instance needs to be a “getaway” from current thinking - stinking thinking.

There are certainly times we would benefit from a getaway – in terms of change of scenery, routine, and life’s current challenges; but in most cases, the real getaway we need is to get away from the way we are presently thinking.  It’s a mental getaway.

How do we do this? Off the top of my mind, here are a few ideas:

  • Volunteer where people are less fortunate

  • Read biographies of people who came from “nothing” to be “something”

  • Move away from negative influences - certain media and people

  • Think often about what you are grateful for – add up your wins

  • Develop self-discipline

  • Become more self-aware – and then change your focus

  • Help someone overcome something

  • Get around winners

And maybe, get away – but make sure you pack up the right mindset and leave the wrong one behind!