The Hot Coals Principle

Nothing like a steaming, hot and juicy burger grilling above those hot coals! I’m writing this during a dreary January day, high 30s and rainy. Nice.

So let’s get back to the grilling!

Can you picture the hibachi? The coals are piled high, building intense heat, starting white, then getting red hot.  The burgers are placed on the rack and the sizzlin’ begins! Burgers done just right! Wow! I’m getting hungry.

Did you ever see one of those red hot coals roll away from the pile? If you leave it there, you know what happens? Without its highly influential team, it starts to cool off, adapting to its new environment. And quickly.

That’s you and me!   We’re constantly adapting to the environment around us, or if we’re particularly stubborn and steadfast, we may be trying to influence our environment to be more like us. Either way – whether you’re the thermometer or thermostat, it’s challenging staying on fire.

The best plan is to choose the environment you want, find where it is, get there fast and stay there!

Do you want to be motivated? Get around motivating people.

Do you want to be strong? Get around strong people.

Do you want to be smiling, laughing and having fun? Get around smiling, laughing, fun people.

You’ll find these hot coals people everywhere. Some are around you or close by. Some you’ll have to find and befriend. Some are in books. Some are in music and movies and Podcasts. You get the idea – they’re there if you look around.

It’s simple: if you’re cold, time to get around the heat – time to live and enjoy the hot coals principle.