Defining Moments

I’m a pretty physical guy. I love to be in shape, move fast, run far, lift big (for a little guy), and of course, I love mud runs – especially the challenging ones.  I also like keeping up with my son on the tennis court – for now. It wasn’t always that way.  Yeah, I’ve always been in decent shape, but mostly from good genes. Until, what I believe was a very subtle, but highly influential moment in my young life.

I was probably 12 at the time.  My dad, then in his mid 40’s and likely on the tail end of his wimpy lifetime achievement of running 66 marathons, had a resting heart rate of 46. That’s right – 40 freakin’ 6! Did I mention the marathons? What a nut. But a nut I respected.  You don’t get a resting heart rate of 46 by being in lousy shape, unless it's headed south fast, and you catch it on the way down!  I remember around that time going to the doctor and finding out my resting heart rate was 80. 80! I don’t really know how much it matters, but I’ve always believed a low resting heart rate is one sign of excellent conditioning.  Unless it’s zero.  So 80 made me feel like a sickly little kid compared to my dad. Quite honestly, I’ve been chasing that 46 ever since. I don’t know how conscious I’ve been of it, but it’s always been a subtle inspiration to me. Silly as it sounds, I actually check my rate often – never quite hitting that elusive 46. Big picture – it’s always been a subtle push that’s led me to a much higher level of fitness and energy that I might not otherwise be experiencing.

Most of the change we see – both positive and negative – I believe comes through small, slow and consistent influences. As a coach, trainer and speaker, my confidence has been built slowly and surely around the influence of my wife, personal mentors, books, audios, and my faith in God. 

And certainly many of us have experienced life changing, defining moments in other, much more difficult and challenging ways. We’ve all had a mix, but don’t disregard the little stuff. Sometimes it goes deeper than we think.

What are your defining moments?

You’re likely wondering, so I just checked – 49!Not Dad, but not bad.