A Culture is a Consistent Set of Actions

I believe our “culture” (the attitude and actions within our environment) is often a clear reflection of ourselves.  It’s a mirror; what we put out comes back – eventually.

Has your company posted its values or culture list for everyone to see?  Have you read it?  Can you recite it?  Most important, do you live it and does everyone else?  Just like you, I’ve seen lots of posted statements about vision, mission, culture, values, success traits, etc. on countless office walls, web landing pages, and even bumper stickers. Woopdiddlydoo!  What difference do they really make if they are not modeled – consistently?  What power there is in consistency!  I will even say that customers and employees often see these posted statements as disingenuous or even hypocritical – if they are not being consistently lived by the leaders.  Now, from the perspective of that employee, he or she can “lead up” by living out those principles. That is the leaders’ role – so who is the leader?

And is that leader consistently living out the culture they want to create and keep? Look around and what do you see?  Do you see lots of drama, negativity, pessimism, blaming, and victim-mentality, or do you see personal responsibility, ownership, accountability, risk-taking, innovation, and integrity?  What would you prefer?  Define it, and then live it – all the time.

Remember this:  a culture is a consistent set of actions.   Check your actions – be sure they align with your values and that you live them consistently.