Fat Head

“Howya doing, fathead?”  This was a frequent greeting I would hear from my neighbor as he addressed my son Mitchell when he was a little toddler.  Yep – fathead!  But somehow it was okay, even funny – he just used it as a term of endearment and a creative and catchy way to engage with Mitch.  But a CD I heard just recently showed me that real fatheads are everywhere, sometimes even in my own mirror!

This recording started out by citing that nearly 66% of our nation is considered to be overweight and roughly 33% is considered clinically obese.  He went on to make the comparison to our minds – the constant overfeeding of our minds – some good, some not, but always lots of it!  And how it can lead to what he referred to as the “fathead” – too much insignificant stuff clouding out the things that matter most.  Infobesity.

Physical weight challenges are often blamed on the over availability of processed foods (it’s too convenient and easy); yet, none of the food we eat just finds its way down our throat – it always has a willing assistant.  Same goes for our brains – the information, though sometimes more subtle, is still given access by the owner – us! While there’s certainly input we cannot avoid, the overwhelming majority of information clouding our brains is also welcomed in by that same willing assistant.

How do we get rid of this fathead syndrome? 

  • First, know that it matters. Know that what we put in comes out – consistency in yields consistency out – whether good or bad. 

  • Also, we can choose environments and pathways that limit negative exposure.  No disrespect to the news, but most of it requires some real searching to find the feel good stuff.  So perhaps some vetting may be in order. 

  • How about something proactive? Don’t just block out the bad stuff, put in the good stuff.  Get around people whose thinking stretches you to be better.  Get around good friends, mentors, teachers, coaches. Find people with conversations that elevate your thinking. You don’t even have to know them personally – John Maxwell will gladly provide one to one influence through a $20 book.  Heck, read it 10 times and its cost comes down to $2 per reading!

If we’re going to have the fat head, let’s fatten it up with the good stuff!