Bumble Ballism

Do you remember the bumble ball?

It’s is a life saver to parents and a blast for the little kids! I remember watching our daughter at 2 years old playing with one – it was so much fun to see her excitement at the constant, unpredictable, and exciting nature of this cool toy.  Of course, seeing a dog or cat with it can be just as interesting!  Love the bumble ball!

For a toy, it’s great. For a lifestyle, not so much.

Years ago I observed a person who always appeared excited, enthusiastic, uninhibited and directionless.  He was not afraid to take on challenges, embrace change and speak words of positive empowerment.  The problem was that he had no clear direction.  He was heading nowhere in particular, but with a positive attitude and constant movement.  And he was the last one to recognize it.  His enthusiasm and action led him to believe he had passion with purpose.  He did have the passion, but not the clear purpose.

Here is some of what I observe about the bumble ball mentality:

1.      Change is constant – not for the value of change, but because everything attracts attention

2.      Excitement is evident – though not tied to any one purpose

3.      Dependability is lacking due to the excitement of constant change

4.      The “idea” of being positive is enough

5.      More talking, less listening

6.      Nothing is predictable – except unpredictability

Fortunately, in this case of bumble ballism, purpose was eventually married to passion and the dream realized. The bumble ball became a bowling ball. Strike!