Are You a River Person Or a Lake Person?

My family would be the first to tell you that I love to rearrange our rooms – I love the change.  And even after making the changes I’ll sometimes just stop in the “new” room and look around a bit, appreciating and enjoying.  Simple, I know, but that’s me.  It’s also because I know that within a few weeks, and sometimes just a few days, the “newness” of the change won’t be new anymore.   Do you relate?

Lake water stands pretty still, unmoving and unchanging. Though the view can be remarkable, it will eventually grow a little old, as it’s always the same – predictable, yes, and eventually a little boring.  As beautiful as any view is, over time, you get to the point of not even noticing.  Just like the room I just rearranged! 

In contrast to the lake is the river.  The river is always moving – headed somewhere, with purpose, without delay, relentless to get there.  It’s always changing; it’s dynamic and exciting, even exhilarating at times.  Its unpredictability can be unnerving and even dangerous, yet that’s precisely what makes it so appealing. 

So which are you? I suggest being a river person. Keep life exciting, challenging and even daring at times.  Work to make yourself better.  A better you provides a better product for those around you – your spouse, your kids, your teammates, your co-workers, your clients, even your dog!

Learn to love change, embrace it, and even lead it – within you and around you.

Be a river person… Like Helen Keller said, “Life is a daring bold adventure, or it’s nothing at all.”