Leaders Treat People into Existence

I can hear one of the most influential people in my life saying, “Mike, you’ll lead far more effectively when you learn to treat people into existence.” 

Since the rest of the world generally focuses on what people do wrong, he told me to catch people doing things right.  People move to where they feel valued.  Rather than seeing people where they are, we would be better to see them where they can be – which supports what they value.  That may take a little faith, encouragement and forethought, but it will prove well worth it. 

Have you ever heard that capacity is a state of mind?   Well, it certainly is, and others can significantly influence what we believe to be that capacity.  Years ago, while in the role of selling for a local company (and with a locally competitive mindset), my manager/owner happened to mention that I was tracking at a nationally competitive level, of which I was completely unaware.  Whether he knew it or not, his passive statement elevated me from being locally competitive to seeing myself as I could be – a nationally competitive sales leader (hit that a few years later).

If you want to develop a strong team at work, at church, on the field or at home – learn the patience and perspective of seeing people beyond their current state.  Whether it’s our spouse, our kids, or our team, people will generally rise to our level of expectation – especially with those who respect us most. 

If you want a great team, treat people into existence.