“Got a Minute” Meetings

I’ve heard it said that there are two major ways to grow your company - "grow yourself and grow your people."  Makes sense to me - everything else builds faster, better and more effectively on the foundation of relationships.  So, why don't we do it? 

 Having met with countless business owners, leaders and managers, I am honestly still amazed and disappointed at how few actually have planned, purposeful, and consistently executed 1:1 meetings with their team.  Most operate on the "got a minute" principle.  Why? - Because most live in the urgent, and, let's face it, planned 1:1s don't fit that template.   Can you imagine "got a minute" dates with your spouse?  Or "got a minute" time with your kids? 

 Unfortunately, this is often the foundation of most communication at home.  Family night, date night, family dinners, and even kid night – they're not all that common, but they sure are important – and effective.  I've read where the average dad spends less than a few minutes a day communicating positively with his kids. Why? It's not urgent, until it's urgent.  It all goes back to Steven Covey’s Seven Habits - identifying the big rocks and putting them first. 

 In business, employee development is a BIG ROCK.  Owners, managers, spouses, parents - MAKE planned time for those that matter!  Schedule it in your default or circular calendar and HONOR them with your commitment.  You'll have a TRUE pulse on the relationship, progress, and growth opportunities available.   Planned 1:1 time inspires authentic communication through focus, preparation, predictability and implied value.  Build your people; then your processes. The productivity and profit will follow.