Get Your “But” Out Of The Way

Figuratively speaking, our “but” is not what we sit on; it’s our thought process, our basis for decision.

 A friend of mine used to say the only real difference between those of us who succeed (at whatever) and those who do not, is the way we THINK.  That thinking determines how and when to use our “buts”.

 Many years ago, I heard a recording by a highly successful business owner.  He told of a conversation he had with an associate of his in their car.  He asked the guy what his income was the prior year and his friend’s response was something like, “I’m not exactly sure, but probably somewhere around $60,000.”  The business owner then replied with, “Interesting. I made over $6M last year – that’s 100 times the difference. Do you really think I’m 100 times smarter than you?”  He went on to make the point that the real difference came down to the way they both thought.  When it came to opportunity, improvement, growth – anything moving forward – the business owner probably was very careful with his “but” mentality.  He likely eliminated any barriers to progress – and our “buts” are usually a big barrier! Is there a pun here?

 What’s important to your success?  What point B are you chasing, or should you be chasing?  Figure out what it is, fix on the end result and get your “but” out of your way!  After all, it’s entirely your decision!

 FIDO - Forget It, and Drive On!