A Walking Billboard

Have you ever waited on tables? Dealt with rude customers? Dealt with customers with no patience or empathy? Have you ever been tipped almost to the point of insult or even stiffed? Have you been on the other side? Have you been that customer?  What does that speak of you? Regardless of the circumstances that may have influenced the poor experience, your actions are your billboard.  They are on display for people to judge, right or wrong, and to make broad speculation – about what they think you represent. 

 My daughter waits on tables at a local restaurant part time – and we’ve heard a few of these stories.  One in particular inspired this article. She waited on a large Christian group who were impatient and rude, and let’s just say a little tight in the tipping department.  The restaurant was clearly understaffed due to the late hour, and my daughter was openly distressed, yet the treatment she received was rash and inappropriate – not met with understanding and patience in any way.  A lot more can be said about this experience that won’t go into this writing. It just struck us that regardless of our faith, hers or the beliefs of the other staff that were serving that night, Christianity took a hit – not for its foundation, but for the billboard on display.  This billboard, in my opinion, was inaccurate and unfair, but on display just the same.  And, right or wrong, some will attribute the actions of those people to their understanding of Christianity.  “…I remember meeting a group of Christians – impatient, rude and cheap…” 

 Most who are reading this know where I stand in my faith, which goes for my daughter as well. So please understand that writing this isn’t easy, yet that’s just the reason to write it.

 Everything we do is a walking billboard for what others associate with us – our marriage, our company, our job, our country, and absolutely, our faith.

 What’s your billboard saying?