Do You Need A Bigger Tank?

Did you know that a shark grows in proportion to the size of its environment?   You can completely control the size of the shark by controlling the size of the tank!

 Okay, my wife just informed that this is a myth. Too bad, I’m still using it - because I want it to work for my illustration.  Literary license in full use!

 When I my started my sales career in printing, I knew nothing about printing, a little about sales and a little more about thinking big.  After 12 months of pounding my head against the proverbial sales wall, my sales were lousy, and I was deep in the hole of my draw.  I decided that if I was going to be fired for lack of results it would not be for lack of effort.  I resolved that my calendar would show the initiative that SHOULD produce results.  Eventually, the wave of momentum caught up and the results started coming in.  The big turnaround happened, when unknowingly, my boss commented across the room (not even to me) that I was tracking toward one of the top producers in the country.  Before this offhand comment, my tank was the size of Central PA in terms of who I could compete with; yet, in a flash, my new tank expanded nationwide!  Within about 2 years, I was the top national producer.  That’s right, from surviving to thriving in about 2 year’s time!  Now, increasing the size of my tank didn’t do it alone. I needed to put in the work. As it says in the Bible, “Faith without works is dead.” Do the work AND increase the tank – a great formula for success!

 Don’t you have a few key people in your life that, when you get around them, they make you think BIGGER?  They push your boundaries and even make you squirm a bit.  They believe, perhaps more than you, in what you can and should be become.

 Right now, how big is your tank?  Is it big enough to allow you to grow into the results you want – career, money, marriage, health?  What or who defines the parameters of your tank?  Your friends, your associates, your music, your words, your thoughts? Yes! 

 Find those people and associations that stretch your tank to fit the results you really want. Get uncomfortable, learn, grow, believe, and then put your head down and start working!