Crank It Up

As a Cowboys fan, I’ve had a pretty hard life over the last 18 years.  In fact this 2013 season has been as challenging as any.  They seem to be the team that goes most conservative in the end – on offense and apparently on defense as well.  The “prevent defense” has not done much preventing lately!

How about you? How’s your finish?  Are you going into the last two months of this year with guns blazing, or are you protecting yourself against a questionable by bringing on your “prevent defense”? Or maybe you’re going in with an attitude of victory –despite the so called circumstances around you?

It seems like many owners and sales people (revenue generators) go into that "prevent defense" mode as the economy tightens. Continuing the football analogy, did you know that more points are scored in the last two minutes of the first half and the last two minutes of the game than all the other 56 minutes of football combined - despite the "prevent defense"!

What can you do to set yourself apart in this economy?  Offense!  While we always need to protect our back, defense doesn’t win the game; it protects the offensive successes.  Decide who is ideal for you, where you can find them, build a sales system, determine your activities and outcomes and proper tracking mechanisms, then execute!  Consistent execution seems to be a major stopping point, so find a way to inspire action for you and your team - through goals, accountability, or even by investing in a coach (that's me).

Whatever you decide, decide to win this year and next year.  The opportunities are still there, and fewer teams are trying to score because they're in the prevent mode or out of the game altogether.  Now is the time. Go on offense!