When Vision Is Clear, Decisions Are Easy

I heard a speaker many years ago say, “When vision is clear, decisions are easy”.  I’m no pilot, but I suspect a clear day makes for much easier and quicker decisions than a cloudy day (all other things equal) - because you can see your pathway and perhaps your destination.  The simple fact is that when we know exactly what we are striving for, the decisions around us are much easier to make because they have bearing on something concrete and decidedly important.  For example, if my vision is to honor my wife, stopping at a bar with a female co-worker is an easy decision (that would be a “no”).  If I am training for a marathon, deciding whether or not to run today is easy.  If I want people to trust me, following through on a promise is an easy decision.  Once you know exactly where you want to go, choose to make decisions that will move you closer to that goal, rather than decisions that will lead you further from it.  Knowing the vision/goal, then understanding the impact of each decision makes this process so much simpler.  And, be aware - indecision is a decision not to decide; otherwise a “no” until further notice.  For that reason, we are all making daily decisions – the question is whether or not they are leading us where we want to go.  So, yes – when vision is clear, decisions are easy!