Rocks Brought to Life

Many of you have heard the story author Stephen Covey related in his book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, about the big rocks.  Paraphrased a bit, it is about a professor presenting an empty jug to his class.   Holding it up, he claims it to be empty, then fills it with big rocks.  He asks the class if it is full and gets an affirmative response from most.  He then proceeds to add small stones, then sand, then water – finally filling it completely.  The point, he states, is that you could not get the big rocks in if they were not put in first.  

Okay, great story.  Wow. I should think about this.  Wait, what is that email? Who is calling? Is Idol on tonight? What’s tomorrow’s weather? Wonder what the baseball score is.  On and on, the distractions dilute the potential life changing impact of this important lesson.  Stop. Focus.

What are the big rocks – what matters most?  If you own a business (consider your professional career a “business”), step out of that box and look from a 5, 10 and even 20 year perspective.  Looking back over your career from that far out –ask yourself what mattered most?  Go ahead…What made the biggest difference or would have?  If you’re really ambitious, try this from a life perspective… and start writing.

Once you have your big rocks – plug them into your schedule first; and if that is not feasible, be sure to default or “time block” (an appointment with yourself) to act on them in some planned fashion. 

Honor the Big Rocks!