Prep and Landing at Christmastime

Do you remember the TV Special from 2009, Prep & Landing and its predecessor, Prep and Landing: Naughty vs. Nice? Wayne, a Christmas elf, is part of an elite organization known as "Prep & Landing," whose job is to ready millions of homes around the world for Santa Claus's visit. Never thought that Santa would need an advance prep squad to make his magical trip to billions of homes throughout the world so successful in one night.  But it kind of makes sense. 

As an avid Christmas movie fan, this one made the cut, and we typically watch it every year, last Christmas being no exception. But something caught my attention about the title of the movie as it relates to my wife and me and the way we make teamwork work.

We’re very different in our mindsets. Amy is very thoughtful, planned and accurate in what she does and how she does it. I am more focused, action-oriented and impatient.  So, one way we’ve made these very different mindsets work is to lean in on each other’s differences.

We lean in on Amy’s priority of proper preparation and my desire for quick results.  Done in a complimentary way, it really works. 

While wrapping presents a few years ago, something we do over some good music and some quality brewed craft IPAs, we discovered the essence of Prep & Landing in our time together.  Amy would get all the gifts organized, by kid and now grandchild – sorting them, getting their boxes and tissue paper in place and putting it all together. Then came Landing’s moment – wrapping!  I received the already prepared box and began the wrapping process.  She loves the prep; I hate the prep. I just want to get it done. No desire or patience in organizing gifts, folding clothes, and filling the boxes with tissue paper (mine always ends up bunched up or torn!).  No worries, Prep is here to do that part, and she loves it. But not the wrapping. I love that, so that’s what I do.  We stay in our lane.

Perfect Christmas present wrapping – efficient, effective and fun.

Remember teams, much like a married couple, are those who first appreciate and then learn to leverage their differences.