Capacity is a State of Mind

Why is one person making $50,000 a year and another making $5million a year? Is it that the second one is super duper productive or just incredibly lucky? Certainly talent, skill, experience, discipline, etc., plays into the picture – but to the tune of 10000% difference? Doubt it. Perhaps one’s perception of capacity is very different from the other.  Imagine that, their mind’s perception of what each can achieve is different. Very different.  I’ve read that sales people generally “see” themselves at a certain income/revenue level and when they begin to exceed that level, they’ll often subconsciously sabotage their results and end up right where they “think” they belong – much too their disappointment. Change our beliefs and we’ll begin to change our results.  Remember, we tend not to get what we want, but what we expect. This expectation (capacity) is determined by our chosen state of mind.  Change it by changing your input – associate with bigger thinkers through people, books, podcasts, magazines, and your self talk and imagination.  Dennis Waitley says to stop REplaying past failures and start PREplaying future success.  Say it, see it, expect it, got it!