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60 Second Leadership (60 Second Leadership)
Effective leadership is an inside out job. If we cannot lead ourselves, how can we expect to lead others? 60 Second Leadership is designed to engage the reader in personal leadership development through brief and simple stories written from personal life experiences or observations. Organized in 52, easy to apply, weekly time outs, Mike’s second installment of his 60 Second Time Out series is all about becoming a better personal leader. Build yourself to build your business, team, marriage, family, church, community.
60 Second Time Out (60 Second Time Out)
Through years of sales, leadership, life living, mentoring, coaching, training, listening and learning, Mike has organized key business and life lessons in a fun, engaging and memorable fashion. Inside you'll find 52 lessons in personal and professional development delivered in a style that's easy to read, understand and apply. Create a better you for your family, friends, clients, co-workers, and community. Go ahead and make every second count!
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