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Are you…

  1. A business owner with a growing team of 2-10 sales people, but no exclusive Sales Manger to lead them?
  2. A business owner trying to juggle all elements of your business and manage the growth of an effective sales team?
  3. Considering a full time sales manager, but realizing the sticker shock associated with hiring an effective leader to manage this role may be too much to handle?
  4. Looking for a positive, effective step between you and a fully dedicated/full time Sales Manager?


This may be the program for you! The Outsourced Sales Management Program begins with a free discovery meeting to learn your situation, discuss possible strategies and outcomes, and ultimately determine if we are a good fit for each other. Should we choose to move forward, we’ll build a plan that covers the key elements of effective Sales Management practices:

  1. Recruiting & Hiring – Outreach communication, interview & assessments, orientation and on boarding
  2. Managing – Sales meeting facilitation, team building, goals setting & tracking
  3. Coaching – Individual accountability, motivation, performance, personal & professional development
  4. Training – Perspective, expertise, activities and knowledge
  5. Executive Debrief & Strategy – Executive liaison, strategic planning & input


We’ll build this program to fit your budget, often for as little as 25% of the cost for a full time Sales Manager. Ironically, our goal is to work me out of a job – by building the Sales Management practices with your team, growing your sales machine and ultimately gaining the leverage to bring on that full time Sales Manager.