“I’ve been working with Mike as my coach for over a year now and the impact to my business and life is immeasurable.  My confidence as a business owner has grown because I have Mike as a sounding board when I need to work through a situation.  My efficiency and accountability have increased from the systems that he has worked with me to implement.  Anytime I run into a roadblock I know that we can work through it during our next monthly meeting or check-in.  Mike has also helped me to develop a well-balanced plan for the future that includes both personal and business goals.  Through our regular contact, I’m also constantly challenged which is energizing.  I look forward to continuing to work with Mike towards my goals and continued growth." 
Beth Adams, Local Business Owner


“I was introduced to Mike through attending a number of the seminars he offers with the Shippensburg Small Business Development Center. I always walked away with fresh ideas and vision for my 11 year old business. Taking it to the next level through one on one coaching was a stretch for me, but I am so glad I made that move. Meeting with Mike regularly strengthened my confidence, helped me to take risks where I had hesitated previously, and brought me to a new level of competence.   With Mike's coaching and friendly accountability, I gained stronger systems and tracking - reflecting very well in my bottom line. I would highly recommend Mike's coaching services." 
Debbie Tatum, Owner, Sparklean


“I took my very first sales job about 7 months ago.  At the time, the company was only 6 months old, and I was its first employee.  I literally had no Idea what it took to grow a new business.  You could probably say I was in way over my head.  Luckily I had the support of my new boss, who found Mike Greene.  I feel very comfortable in saying that I would not be in the position I am today if it weren’t for Mike.  If you have a motivated person who wants to succeed in the sales world, Mike is the man you want mentoring and teaching that person.  I learned more from Mike in five months than it would have taken me five years to figure out on my own.  Mike’s experience and knowledge really shows every time you talk to him.  I would highly recommend Mike Greene to coach a new sales employee, or anyone who is looking to improve in a sales position."
Courtney Wagner, Sales, Innovative Kitchen & Flooring


“Mike is an excellent sales coach and consultant! Like a surgeon, he will learn as much as he can about your business and the sales team personally, long before a diagnosis is given for what actions you need to move forward. He uses proven methods to motivate and guide sales executives to not only set realistic goals, but meet them. A driven, team minded, coach, Mike will pull everyone together and ensure you are all on the same page, If you are a small business owner or CEO, you need to talk to Mike Greene. It is not a question "If" he can help you; the question is, are you willing to change what you have been doing to be a better business?” 
John Troutman, Founder of Religious Non Profit

“Mike Greene is a person of the highest integrity, energy and enthusiasm.  Mike is tenaciously and graciously consistent in all matters.  I recommend Mike without hesitation or reservation in his role as an invaluable Coach, Mentor, Leader, and Executive – particularly in the area of Sales Professionalism.  Mike is well spoken as it relates to “talking the talk” and most vitally and importantly, Mike walks the walk he speaks.”
Laura Schanz, Nxtbook Media Solutions

“I started working with Mike to develop my customer interaction and presentation skills and we were able to accomplish this and much more.  Mike was able to identify some key issues that were keeping me from realizing my full potential, so we worked together to develop strategies that allowed me to become a more well-rounded leader.”
Dan Benacquista, Modern Transportation

“Mike has been a great asset to our organization. His skill in working with a diverse group of managers and leaders helps us advance our goals with more clarity and vision.”
Jon Sensenig, Speedwell Construction

“I would recommend Mike Greene to any organization or individuals looking to grow both personally and professionally.  Mike's business experience coupled with unmatched character and integrity has helped me personally overcome challenges in both my personal and professional life.  I have watched Mike take the attention off of him and put the focus on others, so that they can be the best they can be.  I owe a lot of my personal success to Mike's teaching and am proud to call him not only a partner in business, but also a friend.”
Shawn Shirk,Verizon Wireless

“Mike Greene taught me how to sell myself first and my product second.  He taught me how to stay positive and persevere.  And he taught me how to sell with integrity.  Mike’s lessons and mentorship propelled me to become the highest-grossing sales rep in my company’s 40 year history.  I highly recommend Mike if you want to be more successful in sales, sell something more than price, or simply earn a better living.”
Bobby Deraco, Founder, Synapse Marketing Solutions.

“Mike Greene's skill set is one that any business or individual can benefit from. His wealth of experience and his can-do attitude are both motivational and an invaluable resource to tap into. Mike's integrity shines through in his work and the results that he inspires others to achieve are remarkable. You will not find a more genuine individual.”
Tom Castanzo, Afire Creative

“Mike has been coaching me at West Creek Pressure Washing for almost two years. The encouragement and advice he has been giving me along the way has been a difference maker. Mike has taught me a lot about the power of setting goals in my personal life which leads to goals in my business life. With Mike’s help this past year, I set and exceeded my revenue goal, ultimately realizing an annual increase of 40%. The power of setting a goal will continue to amaze me. Thanks again Mike for your advice and encouragement.”
Jason Halteman, West Creek Pressure Wash

“A wise man once said, you will be the same person you are today five years from now with the exception of two things; the people you associate with and the books you read. I make sure I spend time with Mike Greene!”
Jeff Kahler, Horizon Initiative

“Mike is a man of excellent integrity. You will find he is not only a man of his word, but he has a great attitude about all things and he is a great communicator. You will find yourself in good hands working with Mike.” 
Mary Kohler, H & H Graphics Group

“I would highly recommend Mike Greene from IntegrityWorks Coaching to anyone seeking honest, open communication and proven business strategies to take their business to the next level. Mike's personal integrity, commitment to follow through and accountability are invaluable and has been one of the best business investments I have made.” 
Linda Gilgore, Integrity TransData

“Mike Greene is an award-winning salesman, an effective communicator and a respected teacher. He is a leader with the sincere desire to help others achieve their potential.”
Mark Johns, Franchise Services, Inc.

“I found Mike's input and assistance in the areas of communication and interpersonal development to be an integral part of maximizing my effectiveness as a salesperson, and a leader for Auntie Anne's.”
Phil Lapp, Garden Spot Foods

“Having a prior working relationship with Mike and a current business relationship as well, I’m pleased that I have had the opportunity to meet this highly inspirational and always motivational friend. Many words would describe what you may expect from Mike Greene's experience. However, a few fine words are…Integrity…Dedication…Sincerity. "If you’re looking one of the best coaches on the planet, look no further!”
James Geedy, Hot Frog Media

 “Mike wrote the book on integrity and being a fantastic mentor. I cannot think of anyone that has taught me more about being a better person and doing the right thing than Mike. Not one time, in the 10 plus years, has he showed anyone that we worked with anything but respect and compassion. I am very fortunate to have had Mike enter my life.”
Melissa Hennigan, The H & H Group

“Mike Greene is consistent, trustworthy, honorable, and darn good at what he does, which is sales and the service of those customers. Character is his middle name and you could do no better than listen to what he has to say. If you're lucky, you'll become one of his clients!”
Phillip Crum, Sir Speedy Printing

“Mike was a role model to me when I started with Sir Speedy Printing and he may not have even known it! He is truly the epitome of integrity. His insight and considerate nature has made him successful and helped me tremendously with my success.”
Carole Bradshaw, The Brand Wagon

“HB McClure and IT Landes has benefited from Mike Greene’s skill sets in so many ways – leadership training, HR team consulting and DiSC facilitation. He has helped our team drastically improve the way we understand, work, and communicate with one another. Overall, Mike has been a huge asset to our company, and we could not be more impressed with him! Thanks, Mike, for everything you have done to help make our company more successful!”
Breanne Nguyen, HB McClure Company and IT Landes Company